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  • SEOflyer is a highly effective form of local online marketing. It allows local businesses to promote their products and services to local customers at exactly the time they’re looking for your type of business.

  • SEOflyer places listings on search engines like Google, which in turn feeds most internet search engines. Millions of local customers in the USA use these search engines every day to find local products and services within their area.

  • SEOflyer removes the guesswork from local search engine marketing. It’s not like dropping flyers in mailboxes or putting an ad in a local paper, which may or may not be seen by someone interested in your products or services, then they discard your ad. SEOflyer shows on Google Organic Search results for the duration of your subscription. Your listing is optimized daily.

GOOGLE Search is already installed on most Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Devices right out of the box. Statistics show that most local searches are done on GOOGLE.

SEOflyer embeds your message onto GOOGLE organic search results and shows Top Rankings within two to three weeks. We then optimize daily for the length of your subscription and provide traffic reports on a monthly basis.

Here's how the SEOflyer Campaign works;

 Responsive Design

We create a customed designed SEOflyer page for your business with your selected industry keywords. Page is Responsive to all Devices and Browsers.

 Targeted SEO

You select the SEOflyer Campaign areas to target with your industry keywords and key phrases. We set it up to target your selected Categories, Cities, Neighborhood Names and Zip Codes.

 Optimized Page

After we create rich content with your provided information and Targeted Keywords we launch your SEOflyer campaign too Google and optimize daily for the length of your subscription.

 Analytic Reports

After 2 Months you will receive Analytic Reports on a monthly basis that will show your daily traffic, as well as where the traffic originates. Analytic Reports start at 60 days, however they are always available upon your request.


We place structured backlinks on your SEOflyer page linking to your Social Media Pages, Youtube Videos, Directory Listings as well as the navigation links from your website.

 Page Maintenance

Every 3 Months we will evaluate your Keywords vs. Your Traffic, then recommend any necessary changes and implement on your approval. 



You are my Hero! Thanks to your SEO process, 2015 has been my best year. I have spent much more on SEO in the past with ZERO results! Very impressive! Go ahead & bill me for next year. I will always highly recommend you to any type business.

Feel free to use me as a reference.


North Texas Telecom

SEO Stats Monthly!

Client Example

Keywords that are driving traffic to:

Avon Terri San Antonio

Avon Lady CLICK FOR GOOGLE RESULTS Google Rank Page #1
Order Avon CLICK FOR GOOGLE RESULTS Google Rank Page #1
Avon Product Rep CLICK FOR GOOGLE RESULTS Google Rank Page #1
Avon Online CLICK FOR GOOGLE RESULTS Google Rank Page #1
Avon Delivery CLICK FOR GOOGLE RESULTS Google Rank Page #1

SEOflyer Pricing


All above prices are for a 1 year subscription. Once payment is complete you will be forwarded to fill in the SEOflyer Design Form to provide us with your business information, images and logo to design your SEOflyer page. Thank you for selecting SEOflyer!

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